How YOU can be SAFE on the Net!Are you a Gladiator on the Net?


Each day the net is becoming a more dangerous place.
When you go on the net, its almost like you are a Gladiator stepping into the arena in ancient Rome. Recently, a report said that SPAM now represents about two-thirds of all e-mail.  Your stress level can rise as you struggle to keep SPAM, pornography, and "viagra ads"  from your e-mail box and those of your family. SPAM is bad enough, but worse yet is a VIRUS that can hide inside of it. Some versions of this nasty can destroy your computer. Other versions can sneakily send your private information to those "listening" at a far away point.  Still other types of VIRUS can change your browser "home page" to someones porno site,  trash important files, or just "freeze" your PC.

It is ESSENTIAL that you PROTECT yourself from computer viruses on the net! You need a good combination of both freeware and shareware or commercial software. ONE or TWO software tools are not enough. Each tool, even the most expensive, will not stop everything. Below, we list what many consider to be the minimum, in terms of protective software, that you should have on your PC.

Types of Protective Software YOU should have on your PC

1. An E-Mail SPAM blocker to keep junk out.
2. A Firewall to monitor port activity and lock down open ports hackers may try to enter.
3. A general VIRUS checker to catch a wide varity of "nasties.".
4. An E-Mail VIRUS checker to monitor inbound and outbound mail.
5. A browser hijacker checker.
6. An Adware, worm, trojan horse, and malware eliminator.
7. A Spyware checker to remove registry entries made by some "nasties."
8. A Keylogger checker so everything you type is NOT sent to someone who is watching you.
9. A Pop-up Blocker.

There is NO one piece of virus protection software that can do ALL of the above. You can only protect yourself by using several pieces of software. We've managed to accomplish all the above using a combination of six freeware, shareware, and commercial software products.

In regard the above list: Keep in mind that new viruses are created every day. It is important that you get protection software from a vendor who will update your PC's data files regularly; if possible every day or two.

How often do I run my protective software?

Your antivirus software, antispam software, firewall, and in/out e-mail checking software should run continually in the background. Other protective software should be run manually in accordance with the following.

If you have a broadband connection, chances are your PC runs quite a bit everyday; it may even run 24/7. You should run EACH of your "manual" protection programs, i.e., those that do not run automatically in the background, EVERY single day; follow this by doing a clean boot. If you have a dial-up connection, you can probably get by running your "manual" software once a week.

Good luck !!
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