How to build a FREE Internet Security Suite. A Step by Step Guide to help you protect your computer and your family while surfing the net.    Page 3 of 4.
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O.K., now what , huh? Let's continue our journey from newbie to wizened netizen.

Well, perfection does not exist; we all know that, but we can come close. What you now need to ADD is ancillary software. What is that, you say?

According to Webster, the word ancillary means: subordinate, subsidiary, auxiliary, or supplemental.

The antivirus software that you choose to use is crucial. A lot depends on it. In essence, it SITS between YOU and the NET. Even if you up-date this type software every day, (the free tools mentioned below do NOT automatically up-date), as AVG Free usually does, there are more bad guys out there than good guys, and the task of the antivirus and ancilliary software is overwhelming.

What we're going to do is to ADD ancillary software. These are (more or less), specialized software products that will add to your overall protection and add things like spyware detection, and hijack protection. They will watch your back.

Unlike before, where we said, in essence, pick what you like, here we will name names. The software we recommend below is known by those in the know, i.e., the wizened netizens, to be excellent software. Please USE it. It will help make you safer.

Here is a list of Ancillary Software we recommend. All of it is available on our Home Page:
To step up to what we call Level 2 protection, you should ADD each of the above. Keep in mind that these three free software tools do NOT run automatically; it's up to YOU to manually start and run them. We test once/week. Before you do this, check on-line for up-dates.

Here is what our Level 2 Internet Security Suite looks like:

The Internet
Your Dial-Up, DSL, or Cable Modem.
PC Modem
Below is for DSL or Cable Modem Users ONLY.
NAT Router
Outbound Firewall
Dial-Up Users don't have a Router and a single firewall handles inbound & outbound.
Antivirus Software
Spybot - Search & Destroy
Ad-Aware SE Personal
Spyware Blaster

A Simplified View Of Your PC.
A simplistic view of your computer, with a connection to the internet, that has Level 2 protection.

Well, are we done yet? NO! We can still do better. Let's look at Level 3 protection.

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